Who said traditional Irish clothing is out of fashion?

Ireland is a country rich with a rich culture and because of the bright colors play an important part there. So how can you blend tradition and fashion together? It’s simple you just have to know your way around colors and patterns in order to get the perfect outfit which is not only traditional but also fashionable.

Since traditional Irish clothing usually consists of warm clothes so you can assemble a good outfit for winters. Bulky woolen sweaters and wraps never go out of fashion, you can pair them with jeans on a cold snowy day. For men woolen blazers not only look sophisticated they provide excellent protection against the cold weather.

Tweed jackets and waistcoats look great on men during winters and since designers never stop bringing tweed to the ramp you can always keep a tweed garment in your wardrobe. Woolen caps provide warmth and are also in fashion every season so you can add a bit of traditional Irish touch to your outfit during the winters if you feel like it.

Aran knit sweaters look really fashionable and yet represent the authentic Irish Aran knit. Even today a lot of fashion is inspired from traditional Irish clothing because of the bold colors and patterns. Tartan pattern is really famous as far as traditional Irish clothing is concerned. Even though the Irish people during the 12th century did not dress up for the sake of fashion, modern clothing has adopted many of it’s characteristics from them

People who want to keep tradition alive and yet seem fashionable should definitely check out stores as you will find many clothing articles inspired by traditional Irish clothing. You can make use of the color green and other bright colors, couple your outfit with a hat or a Aran knit scarf or wrap and you are ready to go.